What is Grey Structure For 1 Kanal House

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Grey structure refers to the basic structure of a building that includes the foundation, columns, beams, roof, and external walls. It is called a grey structure because it is the stage of construction where the building looks like a grey skeleton.

The grey structure of a 1 kanal house would typically include:

  1. Foundation: The foundation is the base of the building and provides support to the structure. For a 1 kanal house, the foundation would be designed based on the soil conditions and the load-bearing capacity of the site.
  2. Columns and Beams: The columns and beams are the vertical and horizontal structural elements that provide support to the building. The number and size of columns and beams depend on the architectural design of the building.
  3. Roof: The roof is the topmost part of the building that protects it from the elements. For a 1 kanal house, the roof can be flat or sloped and can be made of concrete or steel.
  4. External walls: The external walls are the walls that enclose the building and protect it from the outside environment. For a 1 kanal house, the external walls can be made of brick or concrete blocks.

It is important to note that the specifications of the grey structure can vary depending on the design of the house, the location, and the building codes and regulations of the area.

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