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Latest PTCL Internet Packages 2023 With Complete Details

PTCL is the largest service provider in Pakistan. It has been facilitating a wide range of customers with affordable internet connections. PTCL offers different packages for different users according to their data needs. So, here are complete details about PTCL internet packages 2023. PTCL Internet Packages 2023 PTCL has a large number of bundles in varying price ranges as well as speed and Gbs....

What is Grey Structure House

  What is a Gray Structure? A grey structure house is a type of building that has only the concrete or steel framework completed but lacks the final finishes such as drywall, flooring, and painting. The "grey" refers to the raw and unfinished appearance of the concrete or steel framework. The grey structure of a house includes the columns, beams, and floor slabs that form the skeleton of the...

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